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About LiuXiaoLingTong
Name : ZhangJinLai (original name)
AKA : LiuXiaoLingTong
Date of Birth : 12th April 1959
Horoscope : Aries
Blood Group : O Type
Height : 1.72 meters
Weight : 73 kg
Native District : ZheJiangShaoXing
Unit : ZhongGuoDianShiJuZhiZuoZhongXinYanYuanJuTuan
(China TV-Series Drama Production Center, Drama Regiment)
Mailing Address : BeiJing City XuanWu District GuangWaiDaJie No 2
Postcode : 100055
Family Member : Wife and daughter
Motto : Sincerity

All Time Favorites of LiuXiaoLingTong
Movie : WoZheYiBeiZhi (My Lifetime)
Television Drama : YingGuanZhuangYuan
Director : Bernardo Bertolucci
Actor : Charlie Chaplin
Actress : Meryl Streep
First Leading Role of Played : SunWuKong in the TV-series XiYouJi or Journey to the West
Most Contented Roles Played : SunWuKong and ChengZhi
The Best Partner : DingJiaLi
Career Aspiration : Involved in movies, TV-series and music industries
Desired Country : India
Travel Aspiration : Travel around the world
Hobbies : Singing, Collecting Stamps, Make Friends and Martial Arts
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1981 - Movie¡¶AQZhengZhuan / Story of A Man Named Q (Actor)
1982 - 1988 TV-Series Drama¡¶XiYouJi¡·/ Journey to the West (Actor)
1991 - Movie¡¶GuoNian¡·/ New Year Eve (Actor)
Movie¡¶XiJuMingXing¡·/ Comedy star (Actor)
Movie¡¶ZhouMoLianAiJiao¡·/ Weekend Love Story (Actor)
1992 - Movie¡¶ZhuNiHaoYun¡·/ Wish You Good Luck (Actor)
Movie¡¶FuZiMeiHouWang¡·/ The Graceful Monkey King and the Father and Son (Actor)
1993 - TV-Series Drama HouWa / Monkey Kids (Co-Writer, Action Director, Actor)
1994 - TV-Series Drama¡¶DaHaiWuYanXia¡·/ (Actor)
1996 - Movie¡¶LiuLingTong¡·/ LiuLingTong (Art Director)
1998 - TV-Series Drama¡¶XiYouJi Part II¡·/ Journey to the West Part II (Actor)
1999 - TV-Series Drama¡¶ZuiZhong 309¡·/ Police Story 309 (Actor)
2000 - TV-Series Drama¡¶1939¡¤EnLaiHuiGuLi¡·/ ZhouEnLai Visited His Native District in 1939 (Actor)
2001 - TV-Series Drama¡¶YiHaiFengYun¡·/ A Fight to the Justice (Actor)
TV-Series Drama¡¶MouNianMouYueMouYiTian¡·/ Some Year Some Month and Someday (Actor)
2002 - TV-Series Drama¡¶TiXiaoYinYuan¡·/ Humor Love Story (Actor)
2003 - TV-Series Drama¡¶LianChengJue¡·/ The Legend of LianCheng (Actor)
2004 - TV-Series Drama¡¶HuanTianXiDIQiXianNv¡·/ Seven Happy Fairy Maidens (Actor)
Movie¡¶QingChunDeChanHui¡·/ A Repentant Youth (Actor)
2005 - TV-Series Drama¡¶XunHuiSheng¡·/ The Legend of WangYaoQing (Actor)
Celebrity Icons for Charity Fairs
* Icon of BeiJing Children Hospital
* Icon of the Peace and Health Foundation for the youth of China
* The first China icon of benevolence with the theme of "Cherish the life, and health conscious"
* Amity icon of Hans Christian Andersen
* Icon of BeiJing Special Education College
* Icon of 2008 Green Party