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      Liuxiaolingtong's original name is Zhangjinlai.He was born in Shanghai on April 12th 1959.He is now  the first-class actor of CCTV,China Television Production Center.
At the beginning of 1982,Liuxiaolingtong acted the Monkey King in the TV serial<Trip to the West>,which was directed by Yangjie,and produced by CCTV and China Television Production Center.After played on 1988,this television serial was warmly welcomed both home and abroad.It was awarded as the special prize of “Flying Sky Prize”,the first prize of“Golden Eagle Prize”.Liuxiaolingtong was also awarded as the best male-actor of “Golden Eagle Prize”and the top one of “Ten Stars of Film and Television”of that year.
      Liuxiaolingtong used to visit Korea,Tailand,Singapore,Malaysia,Vietnam,New Zealand,South Africa,Australia,Hong Kong,Macau etc.to perform forthe local people.He was honored as the“Monkey King”,“National Monkey”,“First Monkey”etc.On November 1988,he was invited by the mayor of Vancouver to perform for the constru ction of local children's hospital,and was awarded as“Elite Chinese Artist Prize”.During the Monkey Year of the Chinese Lunar Calender Year,“Monkey King Family Art Museum” was founded in Huai An city of China. Also the Prime Minister of Denmark honored Liuxiaolingtong as the Image Representative of the 200th anniversary of Mr.Anderson's birthday.September 27, 2006 at the Third China Cultural Industry (International) Forum, the Director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Social Management Department, Cai Hua, presented a "Chinese culture special contribution to shaping the image of the strategy of going out to world" award to Liu Xiao Lin Tong. On 15-21 November 2006, Liu Xiao Lin Tong attended the CCTV's "The Road of Xuan zhuang" visiting in India. In addition,he is the first actor who was recorded into Great World Guinness World Record,because of the usage of 17 years to finish the performance in TV Serial<Trip to the West>.