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  Brief introduction of Liuxiaolingtong Company  
     Shanghai Liuxiaolingtong Culture & Industry Co.,Ltd was eastblished on September 29th 1994,which is a complex economic entity engaged in movie production,publishment,culture exchange and business agency with the brand of ¡°Liuxiaolingtong¡±.
     ¡°Liuxiaolingtong Studio¡±has finished the TV serial¡¶Monkey Kid¡·and ¡¶1939,Enlai back to hometown¡·.
    After the establishment,the company has made great development.The brand ¡°Liuxiaolingtong¡± is famous both in China and abroad,which was made by Liuxiaolingtong Zhangjinlai,the famous artist.The company try to make contribution to the Children in China and abroad with serial products of this brand.
    Now the company has products such as candy, mineral water,ice tea,children garment,children shoe,ect., which are welcomed by the consumers,esp children.
    The president Zhangjinyan warmly welcomes the friends from all over the world.
    Company headquarters:Room 305 Jiule Building,No.160 No.1 North Zhong Shan Road,Shanghai
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