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      This is a soul inside story of an artistic old and well-known family: In more than 100 years, four generations of grandparent and grandchild, demonstrate one Monkey King together; Go out of Shaoxing, make a living away from home in Shanghai , is bullied and humiliated by the traitor, pursue audience, need classic to be definite, Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou performance, poor work for one year, mould first classical Sun Wukong; And listen to Liuxiaolingtong saying in a kindly and informal fashion , tells the artistic course rarely known by the people and family tradition of a century of " monkey's the Wang 's ".

      This is a positive and upward book: Liuxiaolingtong learn a craft or trade oneself, and with world personal experience that distinguished personages associate from skill, through deep thinking, turn into a kind of spirit , encourage persons , encourage people. Mr. Chen Jingrun once wrote inscription for a work of his: Having " shown an avenue to success for teenagers ", the writing of this book, it was this kind of thinking too that was followed .

      This is a very witty book: This book is succeeded by pieces of story " weaving ". No matter the deed of the ancestor of " monkey's king's family ", Liuxiaolingtong knowledge and skills road , shooting the titbits of " Journey to the West " , Liuxiaolingtong's difficult transition after making of " Journey to the West " in early years, and even love and family life of him, full of more temperament and interest invariably , make hand to be difficult to stop reading.

      This is a book which condenses the energies of many classics: First part of this book, is written and written in person by Liuxiaolingtong; Book second part this, by famous writer, " energy heavy free-lancer very " (Mo Yan says) Linzheng Xu write; The third part of this book, we ask the appearance of Liuxiaolingtong's father , Liulingtong with" south monkey's king "'s reputation, together with Liuxiaolingtong , have launched extremely rare talking with " Monkey King of father and son ", the topic is " Liuxiaolingtong and " Journey to the West " whom you do not know ", the every sentence is excellent, the clever saying is without cease. Art old normal school based on gentleman publication of book write inscription joyfully.